The Wand® – Pain-Free Anesthesia

The Wand Pain Free Anesthesia, © 2013, Milestone Scientific, Inc., All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission

© 2013, Milestone Scientific, Inc.,
All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission​

One of the biggest phobias for dental patients is the needle. As a result, many people delay or cancel dental procedures simply due to this fear. While it’s commonly believed that the puncture of the needle is the source of pain, it’s actually the rate at which the anesthetic comes out of the syringe that causes most of the discomfort.

Drs. Arbeitman and Shein are pleased to introduce “The Wand®” to our Central Park West practice. In conjunction with its CompuDent® instrument, “The Wand” is known as a STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System; a computer-controlled dental injection system that allows a slow and steady flow of anesthetic one tooth at a time, greatly reducing patient discomfort. This is just another way we continue to improve the comfort and quality of the care you receive from us.

Since the STA allows us to anesthetize one tooth at a time, recovery is much shorter. The effects of the anesthetic will be gone within 30-45 minutes after the procedure, and you won’t be left with your entire face numb for hours. With STA you can be in and out and back to normal in no time.

Not only does The Wand® hurt less, it’s also less intimidating! It is roughly the size and shape of a ballpoint pen and is just as light and easy to use. The two injection techniques (the AMSA and P-ASA) are much easier and more effective when using The Wand®, making challenging spots like the palate more accessible and less painful than they were before.

This cutting-edge system can be used with many common dental procedures, including dental fillings, crowns and root canals.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist due to needle-phobia, call us today so you can benefit from this exciting new technology! 212-207-6681